Mold Damage Restoration

Mold Damage Restoration Ft Lauderdale
Damage caused by damp on a wall in modern house

If you are one of the many who needs mold remediation in Fort Lauderdale or Boca Raton, the last thing that you should do is to ignore it. Untreated mold can cause various health hazards to the inmates and can aggravate any specific allergies that they may have like asthma, wheezing, etc. Mold can cause more damages with time and hence timely remediation is highly essential. Our mold remediation team has the highly essential top quality tools and the experience to stop mold from growing into a bigger problem in the property. There are three important steps that we follow to restore the property from mold.

Identifying The Source

A proper mold remediation does not end with just cleaning the area of mold and sanitizing it. The source is the main thing that has to be identified. If the source is not identified, the mold will continue to form all over again even if the area is sanitized. Our experienced technicians have enough knowledge about mold remediation that they can quickly identify the source for the mold and address it accordingly. Once the identification is done, the next step is to treat the mold affected areas. The signs of excessive presence of molds are the visible presence, strong odors, any past moisture content present and excessive humidity.


Treatment of mold requires quite a few methods which may require scrubbing, cleaning, mopping, etc. depending on the mold that has been formed and the amount of damage that it has caused. Proper equipments and tools are to be used to wipe out the mold and sanitize the place. Our team of experts uses the required high quality equipments that can get rid of the mold in an accurate manner and that too in a reasonable amount of time.

Preventive Measures

The most important step of the restoration process is to ensure that the mold is prevented from forming again. This is why we insist on identifying and rectifying the source of the problem. It could be a leaking pipe; moisture content in the place or anything else, the cause should be identified and rectified. Our technicians have the expertise to help you in preventing the mold from forming again in any other part of the property by educating you about the possible causes.

If mold has its presence in your property, pick up your phone and call Water Damage Pros immediately!