Water damage to property can be unpredictable and undetectable as it can be hidden in the most remotely used places in the property. No matter the place of damage or the intensity of it, we at Water Damage Pros Fort Lauderdale will be up for the challenge. Our water and flood damage restoration is carried about with the utmost professional manner which involves several key processes that include assessing the loss, categorizing the water contamination and its levels, decontamination and drying out the structure, and finally monitoring the completion of the whole process. Whether you live in Pompano Beach, Boca Raton, Hollywood, or Fort Lauderdale, we’ve got your back!

Assessing The Loss And Categorizing The Water Contamination Levels

The first and most important step in water damage restoration is to assess the loss to property. Only if the assessment is done correctly, can the restoration be successful. All the other steps are completely dependent on the loss evaluation and hence this is the most important step of them all. Our in-house experts conduct a proper assessment of the extent of damage to property and assess the loss in an accurate manner. The categorization of water contamination levels are also done and is based on the water (pipe water, sewage water, etc.) that has caused the damage. Typically in Broward county, water removal will most likely be septic or storm water.

Decontamination And Drying Out The Structure

The decontamination process is carried out based on the quantum of damage that is caused by water. We classify the damage into four types.

Type 1 – The damage is restricted only to a small area or less amounts of water is absorbed and the evaporation rate is slow.

Type 2 – The damage extends to one whole room and the carpet area where the evaporation rate is slightly higher than type 1.

Type 3 – The damage is caused to the entire area for which the evaporation is high.

Type 4 – Deep saturation pockets are present in this type and hence take the most effort for restoration.

Our professional engineers use the best quality restoration equipments like blowers, scrubbers, dehumidifiers and subfloor drying equipments to decontaminate and dry out the property. Based on the damage that is caused, our experts will decide and do the decontamination for the entire area or for the specific pockets.

Monitoring And The Completion Process

The restoration process can be successful only if it is monitored in the right manner. Our efficient supervisors will monitor each and every step that is involved in the restoration process and ensure that the work is completed on time and restored to its pre-damage condition. We use the latest equipments for the drying process which will assist in completing the restoration process in quick time.

As per Water Damage Pros Fort Lauderdale, the restoration work is deemed complete only when the temperature, humidity and the moisture content are achieved as per industry standards.

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