Water Damage Repair in Pompano Beach, FL

The Best Water Damage Restoration Services in Pompano Beach, FL

Water damage is a very common cause of the rapid deterioration of a home or a business establishment. It can be caused by leaks on the roof, walls and even on the floor. Water can easily damage wood, and when left stuck for a long period of time, can create molds and give off a foul smell. Aside from a failure in the plumbing system of an establishment, flood damage can also be brought about by rains, especially really heavy ones during a storm.

So if you notice some damage, say in your basement, you have to call Water Damage Pros Fort Lauderdale for  water damage restoration service at once. You can assess the damage first and determine what has caused: is it from a leak in the plumbing or from a recent heavy rain? If the former is the culprit, the first thing that you should do is to turn off your water supply so the leak won’t do more damage.

How do the Water Damage Pros do the job?

Our company employs a process called water mitigation, where our highly experienced staff reduces the amount of damage caused by either flood or a leak in the plumbing. What we do is we drain any stagnant water so it does not do further damage to your walls, floor, furniture and fixtures.

Once the water has been cleared from the area, the next step we do is remove any affected furniture to have them cleaned and dried by using the most modern water extraction equipment from all kinds of items: carpet, sofas, etc. Wet furniture may develop mold and bacteria that may also cause foul and musty smells.

Our dehumidifying machines are used to get back your home’s humidity level to normal. When everything has been dried and cleaned and the house is back to its normal state before the damage, we put back all the fixtures that have been removed to do the job. You can even ask us to place them in new positions to save you time in rearranging your furniture.

When do I have to call for help with water damage?

When damage caused by flood or leaks is left untreated for a long stretch of time, it can prove more costly than when fixed as soon as the damage is noticed. The affected areas may also affect nearby areas, thereby making restoration more difficult and expensive. All you have to do is give Water Damage Pros Fort Lauderdale a ring and describe your home’s damage and we will be there in a heartbeat with all the modern equipment to deliver the best quality results.

About Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach in the Sunshine State of Florida is a perfect vacation spot for those who are yearning for the sun, especially those who live in cold states and countries. Pompano Beach is fronting the Atlantic Ocean, so you can expect to see so many beachfront houses, with residents and tourists alike enjoying the sun and sand, as well as shopping in the business district of the city.